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Technical Writing

acumen Engineering/Analysis, Inc. provides a broad range of technical writing services to:

Clear technical writing is a characteristic that separates an excellent company from a pack of good ones. Whether it's a detailed technical proposal, an operations and maintenance manual or a test report, the finished document may be the only interface you have with your client or customer. In fact, that document may remain in that client’s hands for years, reminding him or her of the quality of your product. You want that document to reflect your company in the best possible light.

Government and Military proposals are a specialty of acumen. We have prepared winning proposals for multimillion-dollar contracts by presenting essential engineering information in a clear, orderly manner, and in a language that is understandable to the non-technical proposal evaluator. We work hand in hand with your engineering and sales teams to assess the proposal requirements, plan the proposal production and execute the plan. The technical background of our staff provides a unique ability to comprehend the engineering details of your product and then describe it in the context of the proposal requirements. . We can assist in any part of the effort or we can manage the complete effort for you, allowing your in-house resources to attend to other critical activities.

Military manuals, handbooks, and other Integrated Logistic Support (ILS) documentation form an area in which acumen shines. Years of working with the Department of Defense and DoD contractors has given us a comprehensive understanding of the language and documentation needs of military systems. We study the nuts and bolts of your system and work with your product designers to devise detailed step-by-step procedures for operating or maintaining the product. We then test those procedures, as described, to confirm that they are both clear and comprehensive. acumen’s on-staff education specialists ensure that manual information is presented at a level appropriate for the target audience.

Our commercial clients understand that their technical documentation may be the most effective sales tool they have. Your best customer is a repeat customer and customers come back when they recognize the full value your product. How do you make a customer see that value? By showing him or her how to use your product and its features most effectively and easily. To do that, you need to communicate the technical details of your product clearly and in language that is meaningful to a non-technical user. acumen can help. We work with your staff to identify the product features and applications your customers want. We then prepare illustrated text to present those features and explain their use. Some projects may include small sample or focus group tests to evaluate the success of the documentation before it is finalized. acumen can then deliver the finished documentation printed and bound or as a digital master from which you may print in-house.

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